Selected Works

The Patagonian Shelf
Patagonia, November-December 2023
300 Days of Sun
Jordan, 2021-2023 An on-going project dedicated to my first home.
Wadi Rum
Jordan, 2022
The Black Sea
Georgia, July 2022
Hayao Miyazaki, Are You There?
Slovenia, The Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Canada, Italy and the UK, 2016-2020 This series was inspired by the whimsical scenes and the spirited playfulness found in the works of Hayao Miyazaki and other films produced by the prolific Studio Ghibli.
The Faroes
The Faroe Islands, July 2019
Infrared Planet
British Columbia, the Faroe Islands, Switzerland and Cambridge, May-July 2019 Shot on colour infrared film (OWAX, Kodak Aerochrome and Ektachrome IR). This film was originally developed by Kodak for military use to detect camouflage. Infrared film is sensitive to wavelengths of light beyond what is visible to our eyes. Trees and plants in particular reflect a lot of infrared radiation and appear magenta in the results.
Pacific Northwest
British Columbia and Washington State, May 2019
The Illusion of Permanence
Spirit Animal
Cambridge, November 2018
Slovenian Alps
Slovenia, June 2018
Italy, June 2017
Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea, April 2017
My Grandfather's Camera
New York, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maine, Autumn 2016
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland, July 2016
London, June 2016
Midnight Afternoon
Iceland, March 2016
Iceland, March 2016
Surreal Waters
The Dead Sea, December 2014
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